The SARB 90th Anniversary R5 - Mint State MS 64
The SARB 90th Anniversary R5 - Mint State MS 64

The SARB 90th Anniversary R5 - Mint State MS 64

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Product Code: 2011 MS-64
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The SARB 90th Anniversary R5 - Mint State MS 64

 The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) celebrated their 90th Anniversary in 2011 and commemorated this by designing a special R5 coin made up of a collage of coins minted during their 90-year history, which includes the Mandela R5 coin and not forgetting the Black Rhino.

Each picture on the coin is significant in that it depicts aspects of South African history and culture. Counter rotating from left to right is a currency note depicting Jan van Riebeek, one of the primary founders of South Africa; St. George killing a dragon illustrating defeat of evil; followed by the Mandela 90th Birthday coin commemorating a truly significant man of the twenty first century. The fourth is the commemorative coin of the endangered Black Rhino one of the most remarkable animals on the entire planet. The fifth depicts South Africa’s national flower, the King Protea, and two sparrows sit in solitude on the six coin.

A true piece of South African History Celebrating two 90’th birthdays on one coin.


•    Sealed in a secure non-corrosive holder
•    Rare and valuable coins - capsulated with certificate of authenticity locked inside the holder
•    Graded MS-64 by SANGS
•    Invest in as many coins as you like
•    Ideal as a gift
•    Limited number available


* Even though a MS-60 grade is lower than that of a MS-66, it could ultimately be worth the same or even more due to supply and demand.


A valuable coin that will only become rarer with time

The Mandela R5 coins are the fastest appreciating coins in history.

The smart money is on investing now in the four rare Mandela coins and sets, before they become unavailable and unaffordable.

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