Guidelines for beginners

Coin collectors have many reasons why they collect coins.  Some enjoy being part of holding something that has history, to others it may have sentimental reasons, and other for pure investment.

Getting started
You do not need to have a lot of money to start collecting coins.  Patience and a keen eye will do you well to start off with.

Ideal coins to collect
For investment, uncirculated / graded coins will have more value.
If you are collecting as an investment, a popular way to start with your collection would be adding the 2011 SARB 90th Anniversary Commemoration R5 Coin and the Nelson Mandela 90th Birthday Commemmoration R5 Coin, however they should be uncirculated, Mint State or Proof (UNC).  Having these coins graded by a reputable grading company will increase the value of your coin further.

What's the best way to get started?
Starting out by collecting coins that are in circulation.  The risk is low and will give you a good idea on researching your collection.
Coins can be fun and rewarding for the collector.  You need to make the effort to study the hobby in order to make it worth your while.  Fast paced, half hearted collecting will make you prone to obtaining counterfeits and coins of low value, purely because of the lack of time spent in researching. 

Where to find collectable coins?

  • Coin shops
  • Web stores
  • Coin shows
  • Auctions
  • Other collectors
  • Web forums

Always be vigilant and conduct your research before making purchases as well as ensuring that the source is reputable.

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